People Who Make A Difference is a non-profit charitable organization that exists to help those with chronic illnesses as well as assist anyone that may need a surgical, short-term, or long-term medical treatment. We engage the community with fundraising campaigns and direct the proceeds to assist in purchasing medicine, paying medical related bills and even buying basic necessities during convalescence.

We also collect clothing and shoes donations and essential items to send to the mission field in different regions of the world. Since 2012 we have been working with the Barros the missionary family, operating in south of Brazil, in north of Dominican Republic and in north of Haiti.

Our big goal and challenge is receiving donations from the American government of medical and hospital equipment and supplies as well, to those who have no medical insurance, according to their physical needs.

Our Mission is to provide essential support and temporary relief to the needy here and abroad.
Our Vision is to see distressed individuals in the US receive the best medical care during difficult times.
We accomplish our mission with: Care, Dignity, Respect, and Trust.
In 2005, the church which I was a member chose me as the Women’s Department Secretary. Two months later I also became responsible for the Benevolence Funds Department at the same organization.

For four years (2005-2009), I helped people to solve many different problems, and God has always been there to guide me and qualifying me to give them all support they were looking for. In 2009, a new Food Program started, and an additional tool enriched that department to serve the Orlando community.

Today I realize that all the above experience came to prepare me to what I started in 2011, the People Who Make a Difference Foundation.

All the glory and praise are to the Lord Almighty!

On September 2007, I started feeling a strong headache in the back of my head. It last for three months. I went to the doctor’s office and he requested a CAT-Scan test.

On December 31st, I had the test done and right the way, based on the results, they sent me to the emergency room at ORMC hospital. They found two subdural hematomas in my head.

On January 1st, 2008, I was submitted to the first surgery. As a drill, the doctors tried to take out the pressure and the blood from my brain. On the 2nd day of January my brain swelled and they decided to do a second medical procedure. As a result, I went into a coma for five days.  During those days, my brain was dying… only 20% of its capacity was working.

In the morning of the fifth day the doctor said that they would state a “brain death” or would try a third surgery if I did not wake up until later in that afternoon. They also said that chances for me to become a vegetable were 60% to 70%.

My husband’s faith brought him to pray harder. That same afternoon a friend of mine came to see me and found me awaked lying in my hospital bed. God has made a miracle!  Two weeks went by and my recovering was amazing everyone day after day!

I had a vision while in the hospital. I saw Jesus in front of me. He told me that my “valve of love” was rusted and clogged.  Then I looked to my left-hand side and saw a kind of a human heart flying towards me. I understood God has swapped my heart for a new heart full of His love.

On January 24, 2008 (25 days later), I was released from the hospital and returned home, for God’s Glory! God has transformed me!  He has healed the wounds in my soul and has polished my bad behaviors.  Today I love to hug people because I want them to receive and feel all the love which God has filled me with…His True Love.

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